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The Story Behind Building Jukeboxes 

Poker Machines have been a staple in pubs and clubs up and down the east coast of Australia for many years. As technology has been changing rapidly in the last 10 years, so have poker machines. You can see a traditional range of machines that are about to be replaced with brand new units in this venue.

The gaming laws in Australia are very strictly controlled (and adhered to). Poker machines when being replaced are officially decommissioned from use prior to being removed from the venues before the new poker machines are installed. There is no possible way of obtaining a working poker machine after they come out of a venue. That’s the law. 

We then purchase the decommissioned poker machine models that suit being made into a cool looking jukeboxes, preventing the poker machine body going to landfill.

The cabinets are generally 10 to 15 years old and have had a hard life inside pubs and clubs. Each machine tells a story and has a history of turning over a lot of money over the years in service. 

When we get the machines, we completely take what’s left out of the machines. We clean and repair the carcass of the machine, remove a few dents and scratches like a panel beater would. When the machine is in perfect shape, we re-spray the body back to brand new, (same as a car restorer would).

Then we start work on the insides to make it into a Jukebox.

We install the computer brains and jukebox software, specialised monitors, new speakers and machine wiring. Basically, the inside of the machine is ‘as new’ and purpose built for the Jukebox. All the button wiring is reset into a new pattern so that all the buttons work the functions of the jukebox software.

We also print personalised graphics to replace the upper and lower poker machine displays and backlight them like the original poker machine. We use low voltage 12 volt LED strip lighting so it will never need replacing like the original flouro’s that were in the poker machine. The sound system is housed in the top section with an enclosed subwoofer and speakers. They sound so good at either low or high volume – the Jukebox will punch out your favourite tunes with a great sound quality.