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Personalised Jukebox Poker Machines

“A JukeBox Poker Machine” looks amazing and sounds even better!

The Jukeboxes have been hand built from decommissioned Australian poker machines. Your eyes will be in disbelief when you see the repurposed poker machine at your home setup to play your favourite songs all day long. The bodies of the poker machines are stripped completely to the metal frame and restored with the magic of some hard work and a skilled paint job. Then all the parts of a modern digital jukebox are installed and made to function using all the buttons from the original poker machine.

These jukeboxes are personalised to what’s important for you. Whether it be supporting your favourite NRL or AFL team. Many people have chosen pictures of family or their favourite rock n roll bands of times gone by. Alcohol brands as well as Classic Cars and Motorsports. Some ladies like to choose their favourite holiday destination.

These Jukeboxes are made to look and function like a working poker machine, with the buttons now controlling the Jukebox. If you prefer to recline in your favourite armchair while listening to your favourite tunes, we have you covered with a remote control and now machines even come with bluetooth connectability. With the capacity of over 15,000 songs for you to load via a simple USB connection, the whole family can enjoy their own music choices played from the one jukebox. 


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The Jukeboxes are Packed full of features

  • Holds many 1000’s of your favourite songs and video clips.
  • Add your own tunes using a simple USB connection
  • 400 Watt sound system with subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connectability option is available.
  • Personalised to suit your preferred Artwork
  • Top and Bottom panels are LED backlit
  • All buttons are functional to control the Jukebox
  • Full Colour 21″ Display screen and computer controlled.
  • Repurposed from a real poker machine body
  • Operating $1 Coin Mechanism as an option if required.
  • Hire out your own Jukebox to earn a few bucks if you want.
  • Delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

All your friends will be envious when they see your jukebox. Be the first on your block to own such a unique piece Aussie music memorabilia.


The poker machine jukebox design has become a major Australian hit. They are in high demand since the old poker machine bodies are not always easy to come by, so if your interested in owning your own piece of unique Aussie music history, now is the time to enquire. 

Each machine is easy to use. We teach you with our easy to understand user manual on how to use the Jukebox to play music. It is just as simple to upload songs and the CD album covers takes only minutes to do. The power to run the machines costs less than $1 a week and we have a handy on/off button on the side of the unit. Enjoy random play throughout the day at work or home, or load up your favourite bands and feast in the beauty of your favourite music.